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 Our Mission To support the development of songwriting, performance, and recording skills of songwriters; to enhance public awareness of local songwriters through live showcases and other promotional activities; to provide a forum to share and exchange ideas, experiences, music, lyrics, and tips about songwriting, performing, and recording; and to create opportunities for public performances featuring local songwriters.

SWAN has regular meetings & workshops, live songwriter shows both showcases & open mic style shows featuring all original music.

Attending SWAN events will give you the opportunity to share your songs, improve your performances, sharpen your songwriting skills and learn more about setting up and using the PA system to make you sound your best. Our members provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere for you to publicly share your songs. We are folks with a passion for songwriting who want to see you progress to your next level no matter where you are starting from - we have all been there. SWAN will also help you with copyrighting your songs to protect your rights.

Membership is open to anyone who writes songs or has an interest in songwriting. Membership is not required to attend any open mic activities, however stage time may be reserved for paid SWAN members first. By joining SWAN you become a member of the Norman Arts Council and dues start at just $20 a year.


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 Join our Mailing List! - Click Here    Contact us - swan@normansongwriters.org

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SongWriters Association Norman (SWAN) is a non-profit group organized under the Norman Arts Council. Our mission is to promote and support songwriting and the creation of original music in the Norman/OKC community.

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 PO Box 85
 Norman, OK 73070
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 122 East Main Street
 Norman, OK 73069

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